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Webinar: In-app payments - make it or break it 

Date & Time: Nov 10th | 9am-10am

As our lives move around mobile application from we get up in the morning until we go to bed, It is no wonder  in-app shopping has become the fastest growing e-commerce channel.

Do you sell your goods or services in an app today or is this something you are considering? Are you building apps for clients! Either way you should be aware of frictions that may cause potential customers to turn away when paying in mobile apps.

This webinar will primarily focus on conversion optimization and user preferences when paying in app. Attend this webinar to learn about what it takes to make it or break it!

We are pleased to present Timotée Badin, Product Manager for Mobile & E-Com integrations in Nets. Tim is a mobile payment geek, with 8+ years of experience across continental Europe and the Nordics. On a typical day he helps merchants optimizing their mobile sales. During this webinar he will go through the following:

  • In-app payments as a growing share of online payments
  • Requirements for payment experience on mobile apps 
  • How to improve convenience for online shoppers when they pay in apps
  • Customer cases and success stories.



Timothée Badin Timotée Badin, Product Manager for Mobile & E-Com integrations, Nets
Patrik_Muller Patrik Müller, e-commerce expert, Nets.



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